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Content Delivery Network (CDN)

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Are you using shared hosting to power your site? Maybe VPS hosting? Dedicated servers even? At we work seamlessly with everybody. Whether it’s custom infrastructure or simple shared hosting with any hosting company, we will coordinate with your operation to give you the greatest content delivery experience you or your site visitors have ever had on the web. Experience the fastest delivery of your content you’ve seen exclusively through our CDN. With, your content is immediately delivered from the nearest POP to your site visitors. Picture 14th century castles rising above a picturesque medieval town. Visitors to your site from this beautiful renaissance town of Krakow will receive content at incredible speeds because the POP will be right around the corner, thanks to our superior CDN. Likewise, a visitor from a rural town in Colombia or Panama will receive content more rapidly than they can with anybody else because there is not a closer POP than through our CDN.

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Why should you consider CDN hosting service?

Faster Access Of Website

Faster Access Of Website

Content Delivery Networks have proved that they are the future of web hosting through providing near instantaneous accessibility to web content.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

The AccuWebHosting team can guarantee that you will not regret signing up for a CDN plan that is user-friendly, incredibly fast, and ready to go. In just 5 minutes you can have access to this marvelous technology, with all the technical support you need from us to setup your hosting account.

Better Rankings in Google

Better Rankings in Google

To be ranked by Google is a major advantage in terms of visibility for your website, so it is simply common sense to move to a CDN for this very reason. Load times, user experience, number of repeated visits; these are all aspects of your site that CDNs can deliver on as well aspects that Google analyzes to decide how to rank websites.

How CDN hosting works.

End User Experience Without CDN Hosting (All the requests served from your server, which may be far from your site visitor ...)

End User Experience without CDN Hosting

End User Experience With CDN Hosting (All static files are served from the edge server nearest to your site visitor.)

End User Experience with CDN Hosting

Why should you consider CDN hosting service?

Faster Access Of Website

Compatibility of Content Format

Through a Content Delivery Network, any kind of static content on your website is made instantaneously available. Images, videos, css files, js files, etc., all are completely compatible through a CDN.

Easy to Use

Unprecedented Affordability

What CDNs achieved as far as cost effectiveness has been a huge part of their widespread success. This technology simultaneously shrank costs for web hosts and websites alike while managing to streamline and refine user experience. Finally, with the use of edge servers, CDNs have revolutionized hosting by how much is saved on both bandwidth and technical reliance on the actual server.

Better Rankings in Google

Bolstered Security

CDNs have security advantages unlike any other type of web hosting service. Most CDNs have caching service clusters and an incredible amount of bandwidth that render the CDN impregnable against DDos attacks. Likewise, it is standard for CDNs to prevent malicious usage of website features.

Edge Server Locations

Note: We update this map on regular intervals. Please visit this page regularly to know the latest PoPs available at AccuWebHosting.Com.

On AccuWebHosting CDN PoPs
    1. Australia


    2. Austria


    3. Brazil



      Sao Paulo

    4. Canada



    5. Cyprus


    6. Finland


    7. France


    8. Germany



    1. Greece


    2. Hong Kong
    3. India




    4. Ireland


    5. Italy


    6. Japan


    7. Netherlands



      Den Bosch

    8. Portugal


    1. Romania


    2. Singapore
    3. Sweden





    4. Taiwan


    5. Turkey


    6. UAE


    7. UK


    8. Vietnam


      Ho Chi Minh

    1. United States








      Green Bay






      San Jose

      Santa Clara




* The list of CDN POP server is updated in the month of January 2021. Please contact our support team to get the latest updates.

How to Setup CDN?

Who needs CDN hosting?

There are a slew of web-based operations that can be optimized by adopting a CDN platform. General Websites, Forums, Blogs, Online Education services, Phone Applications, Content Management Portals, there is no end to the kinds of sites that benefit from what a CDN can do for you.

CDN Hosting FAQs

Various Frequently Asked Questions regarding CDN Hosting

Conjure to your mind an end user browsing an image gallery for an online storefront. The end user clicks an image they’re interested in. The core CDN network, in this case AccuWebHosting CDNaaS, receives and redirects the content request from the end user to the most nearest edge server. The CDN edge server, chosen by geographic proximity to the end user, caches the content and delivers it to end user at a marvelously quick rate, forming a seamless and incredibly powerful virtually integrated system.

Currently, AccuWebHosting supports HTTP Pull and is slated to support HTTP Push as well as Video streaming in the future. With HTTP pull, your Content is replicated to local edge servers as it is requested. Newer Plans featuring HTTP Push will enjoy content replicated to edge servers as it is created at its origin.

The pricing schema for AccuWebHosting’s CDN plans is derived from the amount of bandwidth provided. Once you have selected a plan, an initial one-time setup fee of $1.00 is charged. The first tier plan begins at a whopping 10 GB of bandwidth per month for just $3.95, a competitive flat rate. To inquire further about AccuWebHosting’s pricing options, please Click Here.

Imagine for a moment that you are running an analytics project on mountains of data or some other data-intensive operation. You go over the allocated bandwidth, but you are nowhere near done processing the data. Many other CDN host providers will charge you an arm and a leg if you go over, but an additional 10 GB bandwidth will only cost you an additional $3.95 per Month with AccuWebHosting.

Edge servers or POP (Points of Presence) servers are cybernetic appliances that cache web content and deliver it to website visitors. It is essentially a Virtual Machine, in that it can be deployed on a Virtual Machine Monitor remotely in various geographic locations. They are the final link of a content request between a CDN and the user requesting that content.

It is as simple as signing up for a CDN plan with us. Subsequently, AccuWebHosting team will assist you with all the technical setup involved in your hosting account. Once your CDN is setup, all that is required is to divert the static content path on your website and direct them to CDN URLs. If you are in need of truly seamless web hosting service that is incredibly fast and simple by design, your best and only bet should be a CDN Hosting service. As an excellent resource to further understand the intricacies of CDN Hosting, we have attached our complete guide: How to create CDN Resources.

Absolutely. It doesn't matter whether you purchased a self managed server or fully managed, whether you have purchased hosting services from AccuWebHosting or from any otther provider: the CDN service is available for all hosting customers.

Yes. Real Time Streaming Protocol, or RTSP, interfaces seamlessly with our CDN service so that any mobile browsers can have the best quality video streaming experience.

Any static content requested from our nearest Edge server requires CDN bandwidth, given that you enable the CDN feature for your website. Beyond static content, other kinds of content will use bandwidth from the cloud server/cloud plan you have purchased. Please note that our CDN service allocates 10 GB of bandwidth per month. Also, keep in mind that the aforementioned sequence in which CDN hosting interfaces with bandwidth on cloud servers is equally applicable for websites hosted on traditional servers and SSD servers.

The majority of work done by a CDN occurs on the Source URL and the CDN URL. Below, we detail the sequence of steps in the process.

We begin with the Source URL. Picture the homepage of your blog or website, or, whatever you may conjure to your mind. Once you begin using a CDN, the static content is handled by the CDN and in the process a unique CDN URL is created by AccuWebHosting.Com. This URL is mapped over your Source URL, which may look completely different than your original domain name. However, there are ways to keep it the same.

The code from the Source URL is replicated by the CDN and placed on as many edge servers as possible so that your website visitors can experience incredible speeds even with high traffic content. When do access that content, they will see the CDN URL.

So, let’s say that you are browsing the web on an online business front for car parts. You see the turbo kit you are looking for, and click on the link to take it to checkout. If that business uses a CDN and they probably do, you have made a request for content using the CDN URL. The CDN takes a hard look at the location of the request, factors in the choice that delivers the lowest latency and best connection speed for such a request. The page for checkout with the Turbo Kit is then transferred directly from the edge location's server to your computer. As a result, you received an astounding customer experience and the website’s stellar performance will give it better Google Rankings.

You will find that AccuWebHosting’s CDN hosting service will provide all of those benefits to your website and its visitors, with the best customer support and satisfaction in the web hosting industry.

You do not need to worry, your site will not go down while implementing CDN service. The one and the only requirement to implement CDN is to add CNAME record from your DNS zone.

Any of the following tools suffice-

Through the command prompt for Windows, you can Ping your CDN Hostname. Similarly, you can Ping your website from SSH for Linux. Subsequently, an IP address from where the static content is being fetched will be sent to you. The idea at its essence is to compare the IP addresses from your Hostname and If you were to open your Command prompt and type "ping", the IP address displayed would correspond to the nearest edge location from where the content is being forwarded. You can compare the above ping command with new ping command "ping" to see the difference in latency. is our non CDN version of the website.

It is simple and certainly possible to have more than one CNAME for the same origin. The only requirement is that you send the AccuWebHosting Team a request with a list of CNAMEs you desire, we can assure they will be added promptly.

The pricing schema for the first plan rate of $3.95 per 10 GB per Month can be thought of as applying to one particular domain. However, because this URL can be used for unlimited number of domains, the ideal term should be "per URL".

For instance, you’ve signed up for a CDN Plan. The Source URL you’ve signed up with is and CDN URL as

The first URL,, is the source URL from which all static original content (images, css, etc.) will be published. Whatever content that is published from the source URL, that very same content is replicated by the CDN using the 2nd URL, AccuWebHosting team will take the charge of setting up this second URL. Please note, you can use this CDN URL for UNLIMITED domain names.

The CDN will certainly be a powerful cybernetic asset..

In California alone, we currently have 4 POP servers spread geographically throughout the State. Your "static content" on the site geared towards California will be delivered via CA edge servers, thus maintaining the CDN’s end of the bargain to provide incredible connection speeds and super low latency. In terms of the US as a whole, we have more than 30 edge servers in spanning every geographic region. Once again, the ability of the CDN to provide content from your US oriented web site, delivered from the edge server most spatially relative to your site visitor, will give you results that speak for themselves.

This is a tempting yet fallacious question. A CDN will improve the speed of delivery of the static content, but using percentage increase in average page load are parameters that are not useful for determining the utility of CDNs. These parameters obfuscate the speed of static content with other factors that determine the speed of the page load as a whole, which are outside of the scope of what a CDN does.

Let us suppose that your website server is located in USA, and we happen to get a visitor from Australia. Without any CDN services, in general they will experience around 170 ms to 300 ms of average latency. Far slower than using the CDN, we might add. Now, suppose that the very same visitor, visits the same site a month later, and the site has moved to CDN hosting. The static content is delivered from the Point of Presence in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, or Perth. As a result, the latency will be around 20 ms to 50 ms, an 85% reduction in average latency.

62 CDN Point’s of Presence spanning almost 25 countries. Our presence is felt in every major country around the globe. Moreover, to bear witness to the stunning performance of our CDN, simply ping the following URLs and compare for latency: - NON CDN version of AccuWebHosting.Com. (ping command will be "ping") - CDN URL for AccuWebHosting.Com. (ping command will be "ping")

Login to your Client Area​, and monitor the CDN usage through the displays.

If your questions and concerns regarding CDN hosting are not completely assuaged and addressed, you can always raise a support ticket or initiate a chat through the tab at the bottom left-hand corner of our website. We are available 24/7 and look forward to assisting you in any way.

The ability of our CDN to provide stellar performance to our clients with US-based web traffic has resulted in our allocation of 28 POPs, spanning every geographic region in the US.

Content will be delivered from the Point of Presence most spatially relative to the site visitor, and they will experience service they will always remember.

Certainly. Upon setting up your CDN, you will need to configure the language settings to whichever language you might need. Please feel free to reach out to the AccuWebHosting team as you do this to walk you through the setup.

Our CDN services can be utilized by anyone, anywhere. It doesn’t matter if your website is hosted through our biggest competitor, we will gladly provide you with nothing but premium service.

Let us go through some examples of static content. We have Javascript files, Images, CSS files, Videos, Flashes, Audio; all are static content and thus will benefit from CDN hosting.

*Please take note that our CDN infrastructure is rapidly and continuously evolving. On a rolling basis, we are always pruning our CDN network so that our clients experience only the best service. If this means taking a weak Point of Presence offline, we take those steps. If it means expanding our network to an underserved region where there is a large market demand, we take that step as well. For those reasons mentioned above, please visit this page regularly to see the latest available POP locations.

**Offer Details:

  • Must use associated promotional code(CDN1MONTHFREE), During order process
  • Must pay $1.00 setup fee & pass all fraud checking procedures
  • Sale valid for new orders only --- existing service non-transferrable
  • Quantities may be limited by client and/or day --- due to stock/demand levels